As an occupational therapist for the past 25 years, I have specialized in working with children with learning disabilities, many of whom struggled with handwriting. This led me to develop interventions that blended best practices and the latest research in motor learning, with art, humor, and storytelling. 

Through the use of these techniques, I saw that my students graduating from therapy within a few weeks rather than the typical timeline of a few months. I also noticed that many teachers were struggling to teach handwriting effectively.  In fact, a study found that 90% of teachers felt unprepared to teach handwriting due to a lack of training in college. This motivated me to empower educators to take ownership of handwriting instruction. 

Along with a talented team of artists, musicians, animators, and developers, I refined the curriculum to be easy for students to learn and straightforward for teachers to implement. By using these tools, teachers can now provide equitable, adaptive, and effective handwriting instruction to all their students.

Happy Handwriting!
Cheryl Bregman

Our mission is to join forces with teachers everywhere to revive handwriting instruction with our proven methods.

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