Handwriting Heroes is a comprehensive Pre-K through 2nd grade curriculum that has revived handwriting instruction in classrooms across the nation! Let our playful heroes teach your students how to form their letters through memorable tales, hilarious animations, and catchy tunes. The format is simple, and the pace is fast!

Blending Science and Educational Practice

Handwriting Heroes is based on brain science and motor learning and backed by the latest research.

It uses stories to explain WHY the letters are formed the way that they are.

Stories explain the order of the letter strokes in a logical, memorable way. The wordplay, and playful pranks keeps kids engaged and boosts retention The “sky-clouds-grass-dirt” three-lined paper serves as a “back-drop” to the stories.

It teaches lowercase first.

Lowercase is used about 98% of the time when writing and should be well-established before teaching uppercase. Learn more.

It teaches letter clusters that are grouped by their first stroke. 

By challenging the outdated premise of teaching “one letter per week”, we discovered that students could learn five to six letters simultaneously, when they are connected through stories and strokes. This not only expedites instruction significantly; it also highlights the specific details of each letter. For example, letters “l” and “i” both skydive down and land on the grass line, but letter “l” starts at the top line, whereas “i” starts at the cloud line.

It uses continuous strokes.

Forming letters without lifting one’s pencil improves the flow and speed of writing. The Handwriting Heroes font is designed to accentuate correct form.

It uses multi-sensory teaching that appeals to all learning styles.

Videos, stories, songs, and air writing is seamlessly integrated to appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Letter names and sounds are incorporated into each story.

It provides systematic review and practice.

10 to 15 minutes of daily practice builds motor memory and fluency.

It promotes correct body mechanics.

Built-in strategies for good posture, proper pencil grasp, and paper position are used to cue the student before they start to write.

Learn to write in just 5 weeks!

Each week one of five letter groups are taught in a simple, fast-paced format. All the completed letters are practiced daily in their groups to reinforce the movement pattern.
“It is simply wonderful to see one’s students using their strategies to write words and sentences in such a short amount of time.” T. James, OTR


THE BEST handwriting program I have found! A very comprehensive program that implements all learning styles for the most effective retention. It’s fun, engaging, and memorable. The character association, catchphrases, app games, and songs solidify the information for my kids, and keeps them excited to learn more! INCREDIBLE program! Thank you so much!! Katherine M. 1st grade teacher.
Handwriting Heroes is a total game-changer in my classroom. My students LOVE it– they beg me to watch the videos and the rhymes truly stick with them. Thanks! TpT Buyer
The way the program groups the letters together by similar stroke motions simplifies the muscle memory of how to produce letters while the songs imbed that simplicity in your brain with their fun, catchy tunes. TpT Buyer
This program is fantastic! When children are singing the songs at recess, and choosing to write their letters at free time, you know you’ve found a winner. This bundle has all the versatility to adapt to any teacher or parent’s needs. Highly recommended. Spanglish Schoolhouse, Elementary School
My students have been distance learning all year long. There was a teacher shift in March. As soon as I started seeing photos of their work in Seesaw, I knew we had an emergency. They haven't had the opportunity to work with a teacher on letter formation, and it shows! Their writing has been awful. I have seen your videos on YouTube, and I decided to jump in and try this. I am very glad. The students are more focused on writing with lowercase letters, and they are also doing better with letter identification. First grade will be so pleased! Suzanne Hall, Kindergarten teacher.
I had a list of things I knew I wanted for a handwriting program. This program met and exceeded my list. Thank you! TpT Buyer

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