Teach handwriting through memorable tales, hilarious animations, and catchy tunes in just 15-minutes a day!

Digital Learning Platform

Handwriting Heroes is a turnkey solution that requires minimal training and preparation. The videos lead teachers and students step-by-step through each lesson. Ready-to-use printables and editable resources enrich instruction, and game-based learning makes practice feel like play!

Fast-paced Format

Each week, for approximately 15 minutes per day, students learn one of five letter groups, comprised of similarly formed letters. For example, the skydiver letters – l, t, k, i, and j - which all start with a vertical line, are taught in the first week and then reviewed in subsequent weeks. Linking letters in this manner builds motor memory and establishes fluency at a faster pace.

Magical Stories

Letter stories explain why the letters move along a specific path in a logical, memorable way. Students are instantly engaged by wordplay and slapstick humor. Retelling the letter stories bolsters their ability to write letters with correct form!

Innately Inclusive

Our multisensory approach, developed by an occupational therapist, is easily adapted to each student's learning strengths! Its versatility makes it the top choice for one-on-one, small group and whole class instruction in virtual, in-person, or hybrid settings.

When children are singing the songs at recess, and choosing to write their letters at free time, you know you've found a winner. This program has the versatility to adapt to any teacher or parent's needs.
Spanglish Schoolhouse,
Elementary School

Our teachers had a list of criteria they wanted for a handwriting program. This program met and exceeded their expectations. Highly recommended to boost literacy skills for elementary students!
Y. Thomas,
School Principal

Handwriting Heroes is a total game-changer in my classroom. My students LOVE it - they beg me to watch the videos. The rhymes truly stick with them and also help to reinforce letter sounds!
Mrs. Krause,
Kindergarten Teacher

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