Handwriting Heroes is a systematic, super-fun, story-based approach to handwriting instruction. Our playful heroes teach students how to form their letters through memorable tales, hilarious animations, and catchy tunes. The format is simple, and the pace is fast!

Implementing Best Practices

Handwriting Heroes  incorporates all the instructional practices supported by the latest research and teaches handwriting in the way children learn best.


The lowercase letters are sorted into five groups (skydivers, bouncers, cannon pops, skiers, and surfers) based on their first stroke.  All the letters in a group are taught in one lesson!  This allows students to master one type of movement (i.e. the common stroke shared by all the letters) each week, before moving on the next group of letters.


Children love the logical stories that explain WHY the letters are formed the way that they are. The letter “l”, for example, skydives DOWN – because that’s the direction that skydivers go! Having the students retell the story (and add their own spin on it), as they are making the letter, helps them to recall the strokes.


Lowercase letters are used in about 98% of writing and are therefore taught first, in order for students to become functional writers as early as possible. Uppercase letters are only introduced once students can write all the lowercase letters legibly and automatically, except for the first letter of their name.


The Handwriting Heroes font uses a continuous stroke by keeping pencil lifts to a minimum for writing fluency and reducing reversals . Three-lined paper provides a straightforward structure. The top line, dotted-middle, and baseline are described as the skyline, clouds and grass, which serves as the “back-drop” to all the letter stories.


Action words, animations, songs, and movement engage all the child’s senses. While air writing, students make large letters with their whole arm to experience the movement. The multisensory lessons create strong associations among the letter stories for long term retention.


Systematic instruction and guided practice, in multiple formats, enables students to learn the letter forms very efficiently. Once all the letter groups are reviewed, students continue to reference the stories and use the action words while writing words, until letter production is mastered.

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This curriculum has left such a positive impact on my first graders. We are still working on automaticity, but my students are able to quickly correct where they start the letter by simply naming the letter “name” to help remind them. Thank you for a great product. The videos are great too!
Leighann M.
As a school songs writer and singing Kindergarten teacher, I am always happy to find a catchy musical approach to any difficult subject; the simplicity of the method is its crowning achievement.
D. Dayton
My students are loving the videos with the songs and animation. We are two weeks in and I can already see a significant improvement in their letter formation – and they’re having fun! Love the great visuals, catchy and clever mnemonics, and sequence of letters. Can’t wait to share this with my three little struggling writers. Thank you!!
These handwriting sheets are great! Now I can run what each individual really needs, since one size does not fit all.
Karen G.
My daughter has additional needs. This program has been incredibly successful for her. The stories and characters keep her really engaged. Thank you!
Wisdom for the Little
I have used Handwriting without Tears, Frog Street Press, Heidi Songs, and TV Teacher. These programs are good, but this one is absolutely ENGAGING!! I love the grouping and saw immediate improvement in one week.
Pamela G.
My son was getting behind in first grade because of all the writing. We started to use Handwriting Heroes and right away I noticed improvements, both in his writing and his attitude towards writing. He is especially loves the animations and stories.
Carolyne H
Kensington, MD
The visuals, language, and consistency that the Handwriting Heroes program provides, allows children to easily find success in writing. It is great for both beginning writers and for those that need a bit of additional practice to fine-tune their handwriting skills. The simple, yet fun pages, allow children to focus on writing without being overwhelmed.
Laetetia Bergeron OTR/L
Occupational Therapist, The Katherine Thomas School
This writing method is solidly designed both on and off the device from the classification of letters based on the start of their designs to imagining the lines on paper as the sky, clouds and grass.
Learning to write is an important milestone for kids, and as such it should be a fun and enjoyable activity. Handwriting Heroes helps achieve this goal.
The cute and funny handwriting heroes themselves are the perfect cues to remind students on where and how to begin the first stroke. These visual reminders and the associated action words together provide important guides for students to write correctly.
This innovative iPad app mixes ten seconds of simple storytelling with the letter tracing process, creating a clever way to help children remember the path required to make each letter.
This program is fantastic! When children are singing the songs at recess, and choosing to write their letters at free time, you know you’ve found a winner. Highly recommended
The graphics are endearing and well executed. AppyTherapy surely has a hit on their hands as the material is an excellent way for kids to learn to write. Handwriting Heroes is a Top Pick and deserving of TWA’s badge of excellence!

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